An Abuser’s prayer

Dear God,

I turn to you for help

at this moment of distress

for I am being accused

of something I play no part in.

I am being persecuted

even though

it is not me who is to blame.

Still my faith does not waver

for you know

that I am the true victim.

I am being accused

for so many things

and I know that you know

I am innocent.

Grant me patience,

while I try to make them understand

the error of their ways.

Grant me wisdom,

to find the exact words needed

to get the best reaction.

Help me

to help them

to understand

that this is




One comment

  1. You know I can’t “like” something that is so close to the truth. “It’s not my fault, I can’t control myself… She asked for it!”

    Still I send you hugs, quality chocolate and the 4 legged companion of choice for writing something that captures my attention. I almost said fury, but I’m almost sorry for this degenerate. You’re that good. Keep writing!

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