Confessions of a basic bitch tag

Or something along those lines. The lovely Kiah came up with this tag that I thought was ingenious, where you list ten confessions to celebrate all things basic about us. We are all basic bitches, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I know I’m basic as fuck, so let’s get right to it.

  1. Foam art

This is most definitely basic. I fucking love foam art and you bet that I will taking a pic of it before destroying the glorious creation with my face. I like momentariness of foam art, how a person who has carefully perfected their skills to create something that is soon gone for no other reason than momentary beauty. I think there is quite a philosophical thought behind it. I like it because I’m not really the sort of person to cling onto possessions. The joy I get out of a beautiful piece of foam art is something that is going to stay with me long after I’ve left the cafe.

2. Gossip magazines

I have no shame. I’m nosy as fuck. Shouldn’t be that much of a surprise taking my profession into account. Celebs, regular dipshits, I don’t care. I want to hear it all. Did you cheat? Did he cheat? Who slept with their stepdad’s grandmother? Whose brother turned out to be their long-lost goldfish? Don’t know what do I gain from knowing arbitrary facts exactly but I do believe knowledge is power so I’m sure it’s going to prove its worth at the end. There are two kinds of people in the world in my opinion: people who read trash mags and people who think they’re too good to read them.

3. Autumn

Just like Kiah, I love autumn too. My mum has a theory that people tend to love the season which they were born in and it seems to be true. I adore autumn: the colours, the light, wearing sweaters, scarves and thick tights. I’m the only person who rejoices when we’re done with the summer. Bring it!

4. Memes

Again stealing from Kiah, soz. But I fucking love memes. I have a meme file on my computer and me and my friend Amy exchange the best ones we’ve seen. I’m on reddit a lot. If you share a taste in memes with someone, they’re a keeper.

5. ‘Guilty pleasures’

I don’t recognise the concept of guilty pleasure because I just enjoy them but I recognise some people don’t share my views. This goes to songs (I love Jedward’s ‘Lipstick’ and have absolutely no qualms about admitting it) and TV shows (‘Love Island’ anyone?) Honestly, people should just embrace the embarrassing things within them, it’s healthier.

6. Bubble baths

Another foam-related confession. How many are physically possible? I love baths. I love laying in a pool of my filth for hours on end. When I got my current flat, I was dead chuffed that I had a tub. They’re not too common in Finland these days. I bathe at least once week, with foam of course. I don’t drink alcohol but I have a can of pop on the side. I don’t light candles though. Not because I’m against them but I usually read and need more light.

7. Smoothies

Is it weird to say that I don’t like eating very much? Probably. If I could give up on this without dying, I would in a heartbeat. I hate cooking and am not fussed about fancy cooking. Smoothies are the answer to my prayers. I’d probably end up with an all-liquid diet if I wasn’t this lazy.

8. Abbreviations

I abbreviate a lot. Totes.

9. I love what Kate Middleton wears

Huge respect for wearing a dress from Zara like the rest of us. Meghan, I’m looking at you.

10. Naming things

A habit I don’t seem to shake. I sew eyes on my draft excluder and now it looks like a snake. No shame. Love you Sir Hiss-A-Lot.

Thank you for thinking about me for this tag, thoroughly enjoyed doing this!


  1. The gossip columns and sites are a guilty pleasure I check out once in a while. I would do it more often but I find it hard to keep track of the constantly changing in and outs of people’s relationships.

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  2. Right there with you and Kiah on the autumn love. And the memes, too, actually – this tends to be something I share with my siblings so it’s got an extra bit of sentimental value. 😍

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