Me reading my posts



How do you prepare to a natural catastrophe in a form of a person?


Mosquito bites

What do you do when you have small tits?


The Scene

What is it like to visit the place where you chose to die a year later?


“You’re so selfish”

In this part of the series ‘Shit depressed people have to hear’ I tell about my suicide attempt online and a shitstorm ensues.



The story of my schizophrenic grandmother.


Grumpy and the other six

I’m a grumpy person but the world isn’t for the grumpy.



Anxiety affects all of us in different ways.


Losing my mind

Depression can give you constant chatter in your head – or completely silence it.



I don’t drink alcohol – and people seem to have a problem with it.


The Subtle art of not giving a fuck

How not to give a fuck about what others think.


What is me and what is anxiety?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what is your mental illness and what is your personality.


Go-getters don’t cry

Perfectionism is seen as as a virtue, when it’s not.


John and Jonathan 

Story of my best friend at the hospital ward – and a man who lived inside his head.



Story of a friend I made at the hospital. Don’t judge a book by its cover.


Ugly shoes, part one 

Story of an emotionally abusive relationship.


Ugly shoes, part two

The final part of the story of an abusive relationship.


  1. Loving the art! Your pacing on Grumpy is so much smoother – and you’re inflection on things in pretty much the way I’ve heard your “voice” in my head. Well Done! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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