Listen up!

I’m trying out a venture with my blog that I’ve wanted to do for a while. From now on, I’m including an audio file of myself reading the said blog post. The reason being my blatant narcissism  that I want to make my content more available to a wider audience.

I know that there are days when depression is wreaking havoc with my concentration and the last thing I want to do is read. Also, I know that my posts are fucking endless quite long and wordy, so it might be a bit much for some people, especially if you’re unwell.

So, thoughts? Good idea, shit idea? Is there a post you’d like me to do first? I’m going to do all of them eventually but that’s going to take a while and I’ll start with the ones there is an interest in.

The first post I did a reading of is Sirius, so you can have a listen of that for starters if you’d like.


  1. Great idea. I’d say, slow it down a little – take a breath. Pretend you’re talking to someone you know well. For a first run, this was amazing, and I like hearing your tale of empathy and family.

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    • Thank you Liz, it was definitely too quick when I listened to it back. I was also trying to make the file as small as I could for the first export. But I will definitely read it slower next time. Is there a post you’d like to hear especially?

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  2. I wouldn’t worry about making the files too big or small – you can always edit them into 5 minute segments or whatever feels right.
    Oh… A post I’d like to hear especially? The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck! I love your “dark humor” – it makes me feel like I’m not the only snark in the world.

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    • Yeah definitely. This has been something I’ve been wanting to do for ages but I’m just about as technologically advanced as an average elderly woman. I’ll find the right balance and delivery I’m sure.

      All righty, I’ll record that one as soon as! xx

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      • Foozle! You have great skills, great narrative, and a good voice to go with your smarts. You can do this, if you want to.
        Practice (sadly) is the key to balance and delivery. Take your time. I’m not going anywhere interesting! xx

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      • Thank you! I really want to make my content more accessible, I know I didn’t read anything for months when I was really ill but I could listen to things.

        I’m sure it will come with practise, like you said. Thank you for the encouragement! Also it isn’t that difficult to find something more interesting than my writings so I’m not holding my breath haha xx

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  3. Well, considering I find you and Seeds to be people that I relate to very well on the Mental Health train…. I always look forwards to your posts. No belittling yourself – tell that self doubt demon to go pester someone deserving, like a dirty cop or someone who doesn’t clean up after their dog on walks. You don’t need that space occupied by negativity.

    You can do this – I totally have faith in your skill set. xx

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