We’re clearly scraping the bottom of the barrel here


I was nominated for this award by the most beautiful Rosie in the rose garden. She clearly doesn’t know enough people to have to resort to nominating me but I appreciate this nevertheless. Thank you my dear! Please ignore the rest of this post and go read her blog, it’s amaze!

Since everyone has gone now I shall continue talking to myself like a lunatic that I am.


  1. Thank and link the blogger who tagged you
  2. Answer the 7 questions they asked you
  3. Nominate 7 bloggers for this award
  4. Ask 7 questions for your nominees

Rosie’s questions were:

1. Who’s your dream brand collab?

Something that would make me LOL and could send me useful freebies, like a vibrator or a crisp company. There is no chance in hell that a brand will ever risk themselves by endorsing me. I’m too unpredictable. I can never tell what my posts are about until I actually write them.

Also can you imagine me trying to write a smooth plug for a product? I’d just end up saying something along the lines of ‘I’ve whored myself out to these bad motherfuckers, just click the fucking link so I get a penny like a starving Victorian street urchin.’ My fondness towards swearing might also be a problem. I’m not saying it would be but it might be.

2. What’s your favourite cocktail?

I don’t drink alcohol but I love drinking coke. It’s like my one of many vice in life. And I mean regular coke, not diet and the other wannabe cokes. To me it’s all or nothing baby.

3. Why did you start your blog?

I wanted to spread awareness on depression, suicidal emotions and mental health in general. I’m lucky enough to have been raised in a family that speaks of mental health openly but I know I’m one of the few lucky ones. If me laying my soul bare on the internet is going to help someone else and possibly prevent them from not getting into the same dark place I was in, it’s totally worth it. I’m also so passive towards what others think of me that I have no problem spouting whatever nonsense my brain comes up with to the world.

4. Would you ever consider becoming a vlogger?

Why not, if someone were to watch them. I’m not really the sort of person who wants to be in the spotlight, that’s why I prefer writing. On the other hand, I was told by my journalism teacher that I look good on camera and let’s be honest, what other endorsement does an egomaniac like me need?

5. Respond to “It’s coming home”

Well it didn’t, did it?

6. What’s your favourite film?

I’m the worst person to ask this question from because my choices of watching films are incredibly vain, i.e. I think the lead actor is a major fucking hottie. Nowt to do with artistic value or how good the film actually is. Nowt.

7. If you could change your blog what would you change it to?

An incredibly profitable book deal or a brain that can produce serotonin. Failing that, I’ll take a new Sega console to replace the one my mum gifted to the neighbour’s children while I was in uni without telling me. Not that I’m bitter.


My questions:

  1. Has blogging been as you imagined it to be?
  2. What’s your dream collaboration?
  3. Would you ever do other formats besides writing, such as youtube or podcasts?
  4. Talk us through your process of writing a post.
  5. Do you get writer’s block?
  6. What’s worse, a writer’s block or a cock block? (You can change this one into ‘what’s your favourite colour?’)
  7. Pitch your blog to me with one sentence.




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