Stronger Together – boxes of care


Today I received a package from my lovely friend Becky which contained all of these gorgeous goods. This is such a wonderful gesture, it absolutely made my day.

Every once in a while you meet people who are just KIND. They are just genuinely caring, considerate and have everyone’s best interests in heart. That’s Becky. She’s had a hard time herself but not only she is an inspiring example but she has also started her own charity.

Stronger Together is a charity set for those suffering with mental health difficulties, as well as their family and friends who go through those hard times with them.

Once a month this charity sends out self-care packages to those having a difficult time to try make their day a little brighter, to remind them that there is always someone who cares about them.

As a person who has had a hard time herself, Becky recognises what should be put into these boxes. Self-care is not just about making yourself feel better but also of things that stimulate you and help to ground you when you’re feeling overwhelmed. The products in my package are lightly scented, so that they are pleasant without being overpowering.

One of the first things I did when I became involved with the crisis team was to form a ‘self-care tool kit’ of helpful things to keep nearby in case of a panic or anxiety attack. The idea was just to gather pleasant things: things that feel, smell or look pleasant so that they may just distract you enough to get out of that dark pit.

My box (actually, it’s a biscuit jar) contains a rescue remedy spray, a nice-feeling cloth, pebbles of different shapes, a list of songs that cheer me up and a lavender balm. Just the knowledge that the jar is there and seeing it makes me calms me down.

Against this background I can totally understand the products Becky has chosen: You can never have enough tissues when you’re having a hard time and having a wash after having a good cry, with gentle products suitable for sensitive skin that smell lovely.

All of these are things that stimulate multiple senses. They are also attractively packaged to boot. Also the main colour theme here is pink, which is my favourite colour so I’m chuffed to bits here.

That’s why I named this post ‘boxes of care.’ This is about caring for other human beings. And after receiving this package I feel cared for. I know that a person chose all these things together, wrapped them up and mailed them with me in mind. Someone has thought of me and done this with my best interests in heart, to make me feel better at least momentarily. And I do.

Becky is an absolute inspiration, an angel in human form and I’m so grateful to call her my friend. You can bet that once I have the financial means to do so I will be supporting this fantastic charity and help someone else have their day brightened like my package did. Thank you so much Becky, you absolute babe!

Those who have received packages have found them very helpful. The packages that have been sent out have been made possible by generous donations.

Do give Becky a follow on Twitter @strongertoget!

The StrongerTogether Facebook can be found @ StrongerTogether2

If you can show support to Stronger Together, here is Becky’s JustGiving page.



  1. This is awesome!!! At my first psychiatric facility, we had to make our own “tool boxes” before we left; I love the idea of getting actual boxes from someone else ❤ very comforting

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