What’s in my bag ? – tag

I was tagged by lovely Rosie ages ago but it took me ages to do this because I forgot suck. My trusty handbag is extremely unimpressive by appearance so I’m using a stock photo lol. So what * ~ secrets ~ * does my bag hold?

  • Two reusable bags (because save the planet.) 
  • Purse (currently holds an unimpressive amount of both euros and pounds because I haven’t emptied it from my last visit to Finland.)
  • Pebbles (questions about the subject?) 
  • Railcard.
  • Earphones (especially made for small ears because I’m a freak of nature.)
  • Book (currently ‘Do no harm’ by Henry Marsh, an autobiography of a brain surgeon. It’s really good! I usually have at least one book in my bag.)
  • Makeup essentials (mascara, loose powder, lip liner, chapstick and lipstick.)
  • Cloth to clean my glasses with.
  • Meds (as I’m taking 204828450427520 pills a day these days.)
  • Hairspray (this hair doesn’t just happen.)
  • Compact mirror (I really like it, it’s my grandmother’s.)
  • About a million tissues (and still can’t find one when I sneeze.) 
  • Brolly.
  • A fuckton of pens (comes with the profession.)
  • Sugarless gum. (In kindergarten and school we were taught to eat gum after every meal to avoid cavities. Apparently there is an urban legend in Asia that Finns have great teeth because of this practise.)
  • Plasters.
  • Keys.

How fascinating, I’m sure this information benefited us all. Thank you for the tag hun! ❤


  1. Reading these posts is just making me realise I have very little of use in my bag and there’s a lot missing from it which should be in there. Also, it made me smile you have pebbles in your bag… because, you know, why not? 🙂

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