What is this madness?


Oh shucks. I got nominated for this by lovely Deanna. Personally I find it hilarious that I’ve been nominated for something called ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’ because ‘sunny’ isn’t exactly me or anyone who knows me would describe me. If there was a thing such as the ‘Heart of Darkness’ award or something it would’ve made sense.


In any case, thank you so much Deanna you absolute doll, please go read her blog. Just leave this post and do it right now. Do it!


The Sunshine Blogger Award is an Award given to bloggers who are creative, positive and inspiring, while spreading “sunshine” to the blogging community.

The Sunshine Blogger Award Rules

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and share their blog link.
  2. Answer the 11 questions that you were given.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and create 11 new questions to go along with it.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post or on your blog.


Deanna’s questions were:


1. How long have you been blogging? 

Just around a month, I’m a total noOb.


2. What is your ultimate blogging goal?

To be able help as many people as possible by sharing my experiences and hearing about theirs. And to take over the world obviously.


3. What is your current life goal?

To make a complete recovery from my depression.


4. Name a strange fact about yourself.

I can recite all the lyrics to ‘Baby got back’ by Sir Mix-a-Lot. I’ve always had a freak ability to memorise song lyrics. You know, instead of employable or any useful skills.


5. Do you like pineapples on pizza?

No, but I’m glad that those freaks who do have found one another.


6. Favourite childhood show?

I had so many of them! My mum famously taught me to use the VCR at age two so I could put a tape on to entertain myself when I woke up too early for children’s programs. One firm favourite was Biker Mice from Mars, I re-watched all three seasons while I was at hospital.


7. Summer or Winter?

Winter. I hate sunny and hot weather in general. I get really cranky. Even crankier than I usually am. Plus I love snow.


8. What is your current fashion style?

I like to wear ‘ageless’ and classic things, my style icon is Michelle Williams in ‘My week with Marilyn.’ I don’t really follow fashion, I know what I like and don’t like. I used to be a goth as a teenager, (show of us hands who was surprised taking my sunny disposition into account) now I love colour.


9. Who is your favourite Youtuber and why?

I like the channel ‘Dose of Buckley’, because he’s angry, dry and sarcastic. Opposites attract.


10. What is your favourite thing to do when you’re stressed?

Have a nice panic and a cry. I don’t really have any superior coping techniques.


11. Current obsession?

For whatever reason I really enjoy watching documentaries about fraudsters at the moment. I like trying to figure out what makes people do the stuff that they do. Also it’s interesting to see what exactly were the circumstances that allowed this person to get away with whatever they did. The best documentary of this kind that I’ve seen is called ‘The woman who wasn’t there,’ which tells about a woman who became the head of 9/11 survivors group even though she wasn’t even at the States during the terrorist attacks. It’s fucked up but really interesting, it’s on youtube.


My nominees are as follows. Please don’t feel like you need to make a nominee status. I just wanted to share some brilliant blogs by some absolutely brilliant people.


A Chronic Voice


Leah’s Uncommon Thinks

Miss Mental 

Shawna Rose 



Binging on a Budget

Mental Health Warrior 




My questions are:

  1. If you were magically given the abilities to do any job in the world, what would it be?
  2. A weird little habit that you have?
  3. Do you believe in ghosts?
  4. Where do you get your ideas for blog posts?
  5. How long does it take you to write a post?
  6. What’s your pet peeve?
  7. What sort of blogs do you follow yourself?
  8. How long have you been blogging?
  9. How has the ‘journey’ been so far?
  10. Has anything surprised you about blogging?
  11. What would a perfect day be like?


Thank you again Deanna, you lovely human ❤


    • Thank you very much! 🙂 There are so many lovely and supportive people here at the mental health blogging community. We should swap places, I hate it when I can’t wrap myself into layers upon layers on clothing. Thank you for reading ! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You answer to 4 made me chuckle this is also my best skill, not one that comes in too handy often but fun none the less. Dude Biker Mice From Mars was so freaking cool!! I’ve just written mine and it’ll be up Friday lunch time

    Liked by 1 person

      • I like Modo I think he was probably my fave. It’s going up tomorrow, you’ll have to check out the questions I ask the people I nominated I’d be interested to see your answers too 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Modo is my other favourite. Everyone was always crazy about Throttle but I always went for either the wisecrack (surprising.) Will definitely have a look! x


  2. I got a real kick of having you answer the pineapple on pizza question LOL I didn’t think you’d be a fan, but your response made me laugh.

    Deanna deannastilwell.com

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi 🙂 Thank you for nominating me, it’s really generous and lovely of you. I’m not going to do the questions because I have weird feelings about it (I’m odd like that) – I’m really sorry. You can nominate someone else if you like.

    But I have read your answers and your questions and I love your style and sense of humour (and sass!). You’re a great writer – and great human being! Also ewww pineapple on pizza.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh no, the nomination is yours 🙂 I don’t require people to do a post because I don’t want anyone doing something they’re not comfortable with. I just wanted to show some love to some great blogs -like yours! And thank you ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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